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Fire Information Update

Boundary Wildfire - Waterton Lakes National Park: August 27, 2018; 09:00

Rain has supressed the Boundary Wildfire in Glacier National Park, U.S.A. enough for Parks Canada to lift the Evacuation Alert issued for Waterton Lakes National Park. The fire remains active and is approximately 860 hectares in size. We continue to work closely with Glacier National Park and other partner agencies to manage the wildfire, and to protect key infrastructure and resources. Fire activity, including smoke and flame may continue to be visible to the public in some areas in the coming days as sunny, warm days return.

Parks Canada will only provide further updates about the Boundary Wildfire when there are significant changes such as notable fire growth, changes to area closures, and anticipated increase in fire activity.


On August 27, 2018 at 09:00, the Evacuation Alert for Waterton Lakes National Park is rescinded. Waterton Lakes National Park has reopened most areas that were closed on August 24 due to the Boundary Wildfire.  

The following areas have been reopened:

·        Crypt Lake Trail

·        Bertha Falls and Bertha Lake trails, and Bertha Falls and Bertha Lake backcountry campgrounds

·        Emerald Bay Day Use Area

·        Driftwood Beach

·        Alpine Stables

·        Hay Barn Road

·        Crandell Loop

·        Knights Lake

·        Maskinonge

·        Wishbone Trail

·        Nonmotorized access to Red Rock Parkway up to Coppermine Creek

·        Access to water bodies

We would like to thank Glacier National Park and other partner agencies for their continued effort on managing this wildfire.

The schedule and ticket sale is online now on and so is the Artisan Fair (vendor booths still available).
We look forward to seeing you (again) this year in unique Waterton Lakes National Park.
Maria, Michaela, Frank and all Presenters and Volunteers