Great NEWS!: Ride the Red Rock” will commence August 12th
Every Wednesday from 8am-12pm the Red Rock Parkway will be 
closed to motor vehicle traffic and only open to bicycles. 
This will go right through August.

Waterton National Park Opened up to visitors on June 1st, 2020. 
Please check the website listed on our home page to get current updates on what is open.

In order to keep our guests and housekeeping staff safe, we will not be offering "refreshes" of rooms
during multiple night stays this year (2020). If our guests are in need of fresh towels, trash removal, etc.,
they can ask at the front desk of the store anytime during business hours, 
and staff will exchange items at the doors of rooms upon requested time.

Our Breakfast buffet and hot food items are still served daily. Hand sanitizer will be available
at the breakfast counter for those who wish to use it.